Who am I?

Hi 👋, my name is Zhixin Lim (林智新). That’s my handle for life. Admittedly, it doesn’t have a Bond-James-Bond quality to it. In mandarin, it translates to “new knowledge” or “renewed wisdom”. I try to dutifully live up to my name and to my parents’ expectations. No pressure.

I’m proud to be a Freeman of the City of London, a tradition that dates back to the 13th century.

What is my domain expertise?

I am an actuary. Since starting my career in 2009, I’ve had hands-on roles in modelling (of the actuarial kind, not of the Zac-Efron-strutting-his-stuff-down-the-runway variety), insurance and investment product design, asset- liability management, regulatory capital optimisation, and risk management (specifically investment risk and model risk). 

I’ve co-authored the following papers as part of various Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) working parties:

  1. Understanding Blockchain for Insurance Use Cases (the video of my presentation of this paper is available to IFoA members)
  2. Improving the Success of InsurTech Opportunities
  3. Practical Application of Machine Learning Within Actuarial Work (the video of my presentation of this paper is available to IFoA members)
  4. Model Risk: Illuminating the Black Box

I’ve also presented applications of generative AI and web3 to an actuarial audience.

What is this blog about?

On this blog, I write about technology, business and sometimes pop culture; topics which I’ve had an interest in since my teenage years. I do deep dives and then distill the essence of the topic. No hype, no hyperbole. My main motivation is to understand technological megatrends at a deeper level. The underlying motivation is that knowledge can be leveraged into financial reward; I’m on a lookout for tech-orientated investments that are the proverbial “ten-bagger”.

Disclaimer: These blog posts are not investment advice/recommendation. They should be treated as unedited personal opinions. My expressed views are my own and are not those of my employer’s or the actuarial profession’s. 

Photos (except meme gifs), if not credited, are mine. All material on this blog can be shared and adapted per this Creative Commons license. Go forth and remix!

How to support this blog?

If you’ve enjoyed this blog, there are a number of ways to show your appreciation. First and foremost are the following referral links:

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How to get in touch?

I’m active on LinkedIn. Let’s connect.